Stay in the news, open a press office today

Having a CADEK Media press office on our web sites allow you to:

  1. Choose the industry you wish to target (e.g. b2b, consumer, travel industry etc)
  2. Index your business into various categories on our sites
  3. Create a comprehensive profile page with all your company info on our sites
  4. Upload your company news, pictures, videos and even pdf brochures to your press office
  5. Have your company news published in our regular e-mail newsletters to the target audience
  6. Keep your news archived in one place, and send an easy link to clients
  7. Depending on the package you choose, your press office can be featured on multiple CADEK Media sites, newsletters and categories.
  8. Increase search engine ranking via our publishing platforms
  9. Your brand and business will be seen among other companies in your industry
  10. Position your company and directors as industry leaders by staying in the news

From just R299 per month. To open your press office today, simply choose one of the packages below and complete the form on the next page. We will contact you to finalise your press office and show you how to load your first news item.

We will send you a final service agreement to sign-off before we activate your press office.
  • Lite

    R 299 / month

    • 4 press releases / year
    • 2 categories
    • 1 site

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  • Standard

    R 499 / month

    • 12 press releases / year
    • 4 categories
    • 2 sites

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  • Gold

    R 699 / month

    • 24 press releases / year
    • 6 categories
    • 3 sites

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Minimum 12 month contract period applies and will be mailed to you on completion of the next page.